February 14, 2020

BASEcamp Gallery Spring 2020: This is Beaufort

Shelley Barratt

Photography by Phil Heim and Clay Goodwin

Beaufort Digital Corridor is pleased to present This is Beaufort: Photography by Phil Heim and Clay Goodwin for the BASEcamp Gallery Spring 2020 exhibit that will display throughout March, April, and May.

Two self-taught photographers, two different perspectives on the Lowcountry. Join us as we open BASEcamp Gallery to the public on First Friday, March 6, 2020 to celebrate the work of these artists and see for a moment through their respective lenses. Doors open 5:00-7:00pm at BASEcamp – 500 Carteret Street, halfway between USCB Center for the Arts/Sea Islands Center Gallery and the downtown galleries.

Phil Heim was always interested in the art, starting with his first camera- a Bazooka Joe palm sized mini camera that took B&W photos. Just before retiring from the Marines, he decided to take a deeper dive into photography using a digital camera. He then practiced digital photography for a year before he jumped to professional level equipment. Developing his own unique style with both vibrant color and B&W Lowcountry seascapes, landscapes, and shrimp boat scenes, he started his own gallery, moving to a prime location on Bay Street by 2017.

Clay Goodwin has been a hobbyist for over thirty years and has just begun to document portfolios of some of his favorite Lowcountry subject matter. Whether that be contemporary, fine art, or abstract, Clay's photos give the viewer the grounded perspective of walking paths less traveled- historic signs and abandoned buildings out in the fields or by roadside stands. Though he has shown his work at local festivals, he also is a photographer for hire and does his own editing, printing, original B&W film developing, and print making.