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Nurturing Beaufort's Technology Entrepreneurs | The Beaufort Digital Corridor nurtures and promotes technology entrepreneurs. Our BASEcamp facility - located in downtown Beaufort - provides scalable office space for tech startups and coworking desks for remote workers. BDC offers networking opportunities, continuing education, and member-driven programs to help grow the tech economy in the Lowcountry.


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Beaufort Digital Corridor: A beacon for tech innovation in a historic coastal town

In the heart of Beaufort, South Carolina, a town known for its rich history and enchanting coastal charm, there's a vibrant pulse of modern innovation beating. It's the Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC) – a tech haven that's not just about technology, but about the people and stories behind it. This hub is more than a space; it's a community where dreams and digital realms converge.

The Essence of BDC

At its core, BDC is a tech incubator, a nurturing ground for tech entrepreneurs, remote tech workers, and students. But it's the ethos of BDC that truly sets it apart. It's not just a place for work; it's a community committed to weaving technology into the rich tapestry of Beaufort's life.

Supporting Tech Dreams

One of the key offerings of BDC is the broad range of support it provides to tech entrepreneurs. From providing resources and pathways to education, BDC is all about helping tech startups and enthusiasts thrive in a competitive world. They organize events like Giving Tuesday to rally support for these ventures, ensuring that tech innovation is not just a fleeting trend but a sustainable movement in Beaufort.

Bridging Past and Future

What's remarkable about BDC is how it blends Beaufort's historical charm with futuristic vision. The corridor often opens its doors for events like Artists Sunday, showcasing local art and talent. This amalgamation of tech and art speaks volumes about Beaufort's unique character – a town that respects its past while embracing the future.

A Hub for Learning and Growth

Education and skill development are at the forefront of BDC's mission. They partner with institutions like Divergence Academy to offer courses in emerging technologies, ensuring that local professionals stay ahead of the curve. This focus on education is not just about skill-building; it's about fostering a community that's well-equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow.

The Beaufort Advantage

Being a part of BDC means more than just access to resources; it's about being a part of Beaufort's vibrant community. The town offers a lifestyle where work and play blend seamlessly. With its picturesque scenery, rich cultural heritage, culinary offerings, affordable housing and now a growing tech scene, Beaufort is rapidly becoming a sought-after destination for tech professionals seeking a beautiful, seaside, balanced life.

The Beaufort Digital Corridor is more than a tech hub; it's a testament to the town's forward-thinking spirit. It's an invitation to tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to be a part of a community that values innovation, education, and quality of life. In Beaufort, technology isn't just about the future; it's about enriching the present.

For those looking to delve into the tech world while being part of a community that feels like home, Beaufort and its Digital Corridor offer the perfect blend. It's not just about growing a business; it's about growing in a community that supports and celebrates your journey.

Visit Beaufort Digital Corridor to discover more about this unique tech community in the heart of a historic town.

May 2024 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the BDC,

I trust this message finds you in good spirits and eagerly anticipating some exciting updates.

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the South Big Data Innovation Hub Partnership Forum in Alexandria, VA. This event brought together leaders from the Health, Manufacturing, and Smart Cities sectors to share data on real-world problems with the goal of crowd-sourcing possible solutions via partnerships. The energy was infectious as we aimed to kickstart projects that could really make a difference.

I've compiled presentations and key findings from the Forum, accessible via the Dropbox link HERE >

It's clear that our community of tech enthusiasts may possess both the expertise and the passion needed to tackle these challenges head-on. I'd like to invite you to attend this month's TECHconnect event to collaborate, share insights, and explore opportunities to make a meaningful impact together. RSVP HERE >

Can't make it out to this event? No sweat, take a look at our upcoming events below to find one that fits your schedule. Hope to see you soon!


Jess O'Brien

Executive Director at Beaufort Digital Corridor

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MySafeCyber Named as Winner in Techstars Startup Weekend Beaufort

**BEAUFORT, SC - April 3, 2024 **- The 2024 Techstars Startup Weekend Beaufort event, held at the USCB Center for Performing Arts, culminated in an exciting showcase of innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the course of three days, aspiring founders gathered to transform their concepts into viable business models, presenting their pitches to a panel of esteemed judges. The event commenced with a dynamic Wild Pitch event, followed by intensive team collaboration and development, leading to the final pitches.

The competing teams showcased a diverse range of ideas, including BarkLink, Words of Beaufort, and MySafeCyber. BarkLink proposed a concept aimed at sourcing funding for animal shelters through crowdsourced dog food purchases, while Words of Beaufort presented an app designed to provide walking history lessons about Beaufort's rich heritage. MySafeCyber, a cybersecurity company focused on aiding small businesses with their cyber needs, ultimately emerged victorious.

Judging the pitches were distinguished industry professionals, including Amanda Powers, Seed2Table Partner and experienced VC/CFO; Annis Lyles, former Marketing Executive at The Coca-Cola Company; Caroline Crowder, Executive Director of Boyd Innovation Center; Raquel Padgett, Executive Director of EFORALL; and William Fugate, Director of Overseas Business Development at SkyDrive. Pitches were evaluated based on criteria such as business model, customer validation, execution, and design.

After thorough deliberation, MySafeCyber, led by Walt Gnann of ISLC, Inc., was declared the winner. The winning team comprised individuals from Technical College of the Lowcountry (TCL) and University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB), including Angel Kern, Robert McBride, Austin Morton, Nithish Nadham Dirispamu, and Khushi Jadhav.

"Witnessing the collaborative spirit of students and staff from TCL and USCB was truly awe-inspiring. The level of dedication and synergy displayed by this remarkable team is a testament to the innovative spirit thriving within our community. I couldn't be prouder to be a part of Beaufort, where passion for progress and support for budding entrepreneurs converge to drive meaningful change," stated Jess O'Brien, lead event organizer and Executive Director of Beaufort Digital Corridor.

The event received generous support from local businesses and partner organizations, including AlphaGraphics, who sponsored a business starter kit prize package for the winning team, and Beaufort Digital Corridor, which awarded the winning team office space for their first year of business. Additional supporters included Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation, which sponsored the final pitch reception, and USCB, which provided the event venue. Globally, the event was supported by Google for Startups, GoDaddy, and Brex.

Techstars Startup Weekend Beaufort 2024 showcased the innovative spirit and collaborative ethos of the Beaufort community, underscoring its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and technological advancement.


**About Techstars **

The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed. Founded in 2006, Techstars began with three simple ideas–-entrepreneurs create a better future for everyone, collaboration drives innovation, and great ideas can come from anywhere. Now we are on a mission to enable every person on the planet to contribute to, and benefit from, the success of entrepreneurs. In addition to operating accelerator programs and venture capital funds, we do this by connecting startups, investors, corporations, and cities to help build thriving startup communities. Techstars has invested in more than 2,400 companies with a combined market cap of more than $204B. www.techstars.com

**About Beaufort Digital Corridor **

Beaufort Digital Corridor is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating the tech and entrepreneurial community in Beaufort, South Carolina, fostering innovation, collaboration, and economic growth. www.beaufortdigital.com

April 2024 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the BDC,

March brought forth an incredible showcase of our community's collaborative spirit during Beaufort Tech Week. One of our standout contributions to this weeklong festival was Techstars Startup Weekend, a high-octane pitch-a-thon that truly embodied the essence of innovation. We are thrilled to share the highlights of this event with you!

Let's talk numbers: 87 attendees, 15 brilliant ideas pitched, 3 dynamic teams formed, and the generous support of 16 sponsors. These statistics reflect not just participation but the collective energy and enthusiasm that fueled this remarkable weekend.

The competing teams showcased a diverse range of ideas, including BarkLink, Words of Beaufort, and MySafeCyber. BarkLink proposed a concept aimed at sourcing funding for animal shelters through crowdsourced dog food purchases, while Words of Beaufort presented an app designed to provide walking history lessons about Beaufort's rich heritage. MySafeCyber, a cybersecurity company focused on aiding small businesses with their cyber needs, emerged victorious.

The event was a resounding testament to Beaufort's thriving tech ecosystem, from groundbreaking startup pitches to the palpable buzz of our community coming together. It's a testament to the vibrant talent and innovative ideas that continue to shape the landscape of our city and beyond.

As we continue on this journey of growth and progress, we're eager to keep you informed about the latest developments and initiatives within the Beaufort Digital Corridor. Expect updates on local startups, upcoming events, and exciting opportunities for collaboration that showcase the remarkable strides we're making together.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and dedication to making Beaufort a beacon of innovation and growth.

Ready to join the ranks of tech professionals shaping the future? Become a member of Beaufort Digital Corridor today and gain access to exclusive networking events, cutting-edge resources, and opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of our dynamic community! Join Us


Jess O'Brien

Executive Director at Beaufort Digital Corridor

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March 2024 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the BDC,

As we step into the vibrant month of March, I am thrilled to welcome you all to another exciting chapter in our journey of innovation and growth here in Beaufort. Can you feel the energy buzzing in the air? Our city is alive with the promise of what lies ahead.

March is a particularly special time for us as we gear up to celebrate Beaufort Tech Week from March 18th to 24th. This week-long series of events is a testament to our thriving innovation ecosystem, bringing together visionaries, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts to explore, collaborate, and push the boundaries of what's possible.

The finale of Beaufort Tech Week is our third annual Techstars_ Startup Weekend Beaufort event. This dynamic gathering is a catalyst for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, where bright minds come together to transform ideas into reality. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a newcomer to the startup scene, this event promises inspiration, learning, and endless opportunities.

I encourage each and every one of you to mark your calendars, clear your schedules, and join us for what promises to be an exhilarating month filled with insightful discussions, hands-on workshops, and unforgettable networking opportunities.

Let's embrace the spirit of innovation, seize the opportunities before us, and continue to fuel the momentum of growth in our beloved Beaufort.

Here's to a March filled with endless possibilities!


Jess O'Brien

Executive Director at Beaufort Digital Corridor

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Beaufort's Tech Renaissance: Local Visionaries Catapult Cybersecurity and Startup Innovations into the Spotlight During Beaufort Tech Week (March 18 - 24)

Beaufort, SC (February 7, 2024) - Get ready for an electrifying week of innovation and tech-driven excitement as Beaufort Tech Week returns from March 18th to 24th, 2024. The city's tech scene is experiencing a remarkable renaissance, fueled by the collaboration of local visionaries dedicated to elevating cybersecurity and startups.

Beaufort Tech Week begins with the South Coast Cyber Summit, hosted by the South Coast Cyber Center on March 18th and 19th. Secure your tickets at southcoastcybersummit.com.

Next, don't miss the inaugural Pitch Competition by EforAll on March 21st, showcasing groundbreaking ideas and innovation. Reserve your tickets at eforall.org.

The pinnacle event, the 3rd annual Techstars Startup Weekend, hosted by Beaufort Digital Corridor from March 22nd to 24th, promises an unforgettable experience. Featuring a pitch competition with industry influencers, secure your spot at techstarsbft.eventbrite.com to witness the birth of future disruptors.

Techstars Startup Weekend isn't just about ideas; winners receive $10,000 in value prizes, including a free year of office space at Beaufort Digital Corridor and a business starter kit from AlphaGraphics.

Coined by Jess O'Brien, Executive Director of Beaufort Digital Corridor, this celebration showcases the city's tech renaissance. "Beaufort Tech Week is the culmination of our commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation," says O'Brien. "It's about shaping the future of Beaufort's talent and leadership."

This collaborative effort has extended beyond Beaufort, resonating in major metropolitan areas like Atlanta, Charleston, and beyond, solidifying Beaufort as a tech hub. Investor interest has surged, startups thrive, and Beaufort shines as a beacon of tech innovation.

Beaufort Tech Week isn't just an event; it's a testament to local partners, businesses, and the community's commitment to a thriving tech ecosystem. These efforts attract top talent, bolstering Beaufort's position in the tech industry.

Seize the opportunity to be part of Beaufort's Tech Renaissance during Beaufort Tech Week from March 18th to 24th, 2024. Don't watch; be part of the revolution. Learn more at beaufortdigital.com.

About Beaufort Digital Corridor

The Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC) is a community-sourced tech incubator focused on creating a business, education, and socially attractive environment for tech entrepreneurs and companies. As a 501(c)(6) organization, the BDC provides training programs, builds an educated workforce, and serves as an entrepreneur support organization. For more details, visit www.beaufortdigital.com.

Let the Countdown Begin: Techstars Startup Weekend Beaufort Launches March 22-24

Beaufort, SC (February 10, 2024) - The countdown begins as excitement builds for the imminent return of Techstars Startup Weekend Beaufort, set to take place from March 22nd to 24th, 2024. With the event just around the corner, anticipation is mounting for a weekend of entrepreneurial energy and innovation. As local collaborators gear up to host this transformative experience, Beaufort's startup scene is primed for a weekend that promises to ignite creativity and propel aspiring entrepreneurs to new heights.

Techstars Startup Weekend transcends the realm of ordinary events–-it's an immersive journey into the world of startups. From students to seasoned entrepreneurs, all are welcome to participate in this three-day extravaganza, offering a unique platform to pitch ideas, network, attend enriching workshops, and receive mentorship from industry experts.

Participants will embark on a transformative journey, shaping lean canvas business plans, validating ideas, and honing pitches under the guidance of seasoned mentors. The pinnacle of the event, on March 24th, will witness a Lowcountry Supper, setting the stage for an exhilarating pitch competition. Prizes totaling $10,000, including a business starter kit sponsored by AlphaGraphics and a 1-year office space membership at the Beaufort Digital Corridor, await the winning team.

Reflecting on last year's success, Tatiana Zalapskaia, 2023 Techstars Winner for "Garnish," shared her experience, "We are making a killer pitch thanks to people who have actually started international companies before. I'm humbled and honored that these people offered me their expertise and believe in my idea."

Moreover, the event's impact transcends local boundaries. A former Techstars Tokyo Japan winner, now a SkyDrive employee, recognized the vibrancy and potential within Beaufort's tech ecosystem, further cementing its status as a burgeoning hub for innovation.

Techstars Startup Weekend Beaufort will also feature a distinguished panel of judges comprising prominent entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, adding to the excitement and opportunity.

Techstars Startup Weekend Beaufort welcomes participants aged 18 and above. Tickets are available starting at $25 per participant, with a limited number of free tickets allocated for college students. Secure your spot now at http://techstarsbft.eventbrite.com/.

For more information, visit beaufortdigital.com or contact info@beaufortdigital.com. Join us in igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship at Techstars Startup Weekend Beaufort!

**Sponsor the Event: **Your support will not only make a lasting impact on the local entrepreneurial community but also position you as a champion of local startups and innovation. Download the sponsorship form here.

About Techstars Startup Weekend: Techstars Startup Weekend is an immersive foray into the world of startups, providing a platform to think, work, and build like a startup over 54 thrilling hours. It connects entrepreneurs with mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors to expedite business development. Founded in 2006, Techstars is on a mission to enable every person on the planet to contribute to and benefit from the success of entrepreneurs. More information can be found at http://techstarsbft.eventbrite.com/.

About Beaufort Digital Corridor: The Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC) is a community-sourced tech incubator focused on creating a business, education, and socially attractive environment for tech entrepreneurs and companies. As a 501(c)(6) organization, the BDC provides training programs, builds an educated workforce, and collaborates with the South Coast Cyber Center. For more details, visit www.beaufortdigital.com.

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TECHconnect Happy Hour Networking at Shellring Ale Works

TECHconnect is the Beaufort Digital Corridor's signature networking event. Get plugged in to Beaufort, SC's growing tech community by meeting local technology and business professionals. Connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and VCs over lite bites and drinks. Join us on the third Thursday of every month from 5:30–7:30 p.m. Come exchange ideas, make new connections, and expand your network. There's always someone new to meet. RSVPs appreciated.

SCORE Workshop: Attracting and Securing the Right Funding for Your Business

What type of funding is available right now and in the future for entrepreneurs? Banks, Investors, Grants, Venture Capital, Crowdfunding, Family and Friends and more. Curious about any and all of them?

This session will break down each option, the requirements necessary and how to package and position yourself to be approved.

Is this a hard process? Are these harsh economic times? In some ways, yes, and you can still WIN once you know the options and process. SCORE and I are dedicated to showing you how to use your time, money and resources wisely. All while sharing with you proven tactics and techniques.

SCWIT Book Club Meetup at Urban Brew

We're thrilled to partner with SCWIT to bring their Statewide Summer Book Club to Beaufort, SC! This summer, let's grow together through the joy of reading and meaningful discussions. Our summer read will be I See You!: A Leader's Guide to Energizing Your Team Through Radical Empathy by Erin Diehl. As Erin is a local SC female writer, we're excited to shine a spotlight on her incredible talents. Join our club and let's turn the page to a new chapter of collaboration, wisdom, and growth!


Coffee Convos at Urban Brew

Looking to spark your creativity and connect with a community of go-getters in Beaufort, SC? Welcome to Coffee Convos, where captivating discussions with tech professionals will leave you inspired! Coffee Convos presents the perfect opportunity to expand your network, discuss issues relevant to the tech industry, and acquire valuable information to steer your startup toward success. Modeled after Lean Coffee gatherings, we encourage everyone to bring a topic for us to discuss over Urban Brew's delicious coffee and eats. Save your spot for July 9th and join the conversation monthly on the second Tuesday.

Pitch Practice at Urban Brew

Pitch Practice presents an exclusive opportunity for current and aspiring entrepreneurs to hone their presentation skills, gain valuable insights from industry experts, and attract investors like pros!

We invite some of the best mentors in the Lowcountry to attend Pitch Practice. At any event, you may receive indispensable feedback from seasoned tech entrepreneurs including Eric Siano, Henrik de Gyor, Katherine Butkevich, Rich Conte, or Rick & Ann Case. Our experts will provide constructive feedback to help you enhance your delivery, storytelling, and presentation effectiveness.

Whether you want to secure funding, gain partnerships, or improve your communication skills, this event will give you a competitive edge. From seasoned pros to those new to pitching, all are welcome. Register now because this event will help you advance your business.