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Nurturing Beaufort's Technology Entrepreneurs | The Beaufort Digital Corridor nurtures and promotes technology entrepreneurs. Our BASEcamp facility - located in downtown Beaufort - provides scalable office space for tech startups and coworking desks for remote workers. BDC offers networking opportunities, continuing education, and member-driven programs to help grow the tech economy in the Lowcountry.


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Beaufort Digital Corridor Opens T-Shirt Design Contest for the 2024 Run Forrest Run 5K

We are thrilled to announce the 2024 Run Forrest Run 5K T-Shirt Design Contest! This contest calls on creative minds to design a t-shirt that captures the charm and spirit of our annual Run Forrest Run 5K event. Inspired by the iconic film Forrest Gump, the winning design will be worn by participants, symbolizing their achievement and connection to this beloved race. We aim for a design that evokes nostalgia, motivation, and the joy of running, while celebrating the community and fun atmosphere of the event. You'll find all to guidelines to help you design the winning  T-shirt below:

Design Inspirations:

  • Iconic Movie Elements: Incorporate recognizable elements from Forrest Gump such as running shoes, the famous bench, the "Run Forrest Run" phrase, or Forrest's signature hat. These references should be subtle yet instantly recognizable to fans.
  • Nature and Adventure: Reflect the beautiful outdoors, the iconic Woods Memorial Bridge and the sense of adventure that Forrest experienced on his runs, with elements like trees, birds, and open roads.
  • Heart and Humor: Capture the lighthearted, inspirational, and heartwarming spirit of Forrest Gump. Think of playful and motivational elements that bring a smile to participants' faces and embody the film's charm.

Design Constraints:

  • Printing Method: Screen Printing via our vendor of choice.
  • Color Limitations: No limits on color usage.
  • T-Shirt Color: Designs should be on a white background. The final t-shirt color may be influenced by the winning design.

Design Area and Specs:

  • Design Area: Standard print area 12"x13.5" front of the shirt only.
  • T-Shirt Specs: SanMar White T-Shirt

Submission Timeline:

  • Submission Period: July 16 - August 15
  • Committee Review: Top 3 designs will be selected and posted for voting
  • Voting Period: August 19 - 25 via Facebook
  • Winner Announcement: August 26, 2 PM EST


  • Winner Receives: $300 cash prize and 2 free race vouchers for the 2024 Run Forrest Run 5K.

Approval Process:

  • Submission: Designs should be submitted through our Google Form.
  • Review: A committee will select the top 3 designs for public voting.
  • Voting: The community will vote for their favorite design on Facebook.
  • Final Selection: The design with the most votes will be the winner.


  • Preferred Communication: Email
  • Email: info@beaufortdigital.com

We can't wait to see your creative designs and share them with our running community. Good luck to all participants!


Beaufort Women in Tech Makes Waves with Beaufort Lifestyle Magazine Article

We're excited to announce that the 2nd anniversary of our Beaufort Women in Tech Meetup is featured in the July issue of Beaufort Lifestyle magazine. We hope the article, which serves as a beacon for women in technology throughout the Lowcountry, helps those seeking support in their career discover the Beaufort Digital Corridor and ultimately find our supportive community of women in tech. Credit for crafting the story goes to Debra Hull, a friend of the BDC and vice president of Events of a Lifetime Productions, who excitedly agreed to write the piece. Check out the article today on page 44. Within the article, you'll read about our mission, how we've impacted the women in our community, and our future goals for Beaufort Women in Tech.

Beaufort Digital Corridor Launches Foundation to Drive Digital Literacy and Economic Empowerment

Beaufort, SC, June 28, 2024 – Today, the Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC) announces the launch of the Beaufort Digital Corridor Foundation (BDCF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing digital literacy and fostering economic empowerment through education and talent development in the Beaufort community.

The Foundation's mission, encapsulated by the theme "A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats," underscores its commitment to ensuring that every member of the community thrives in the digital age.

"This Foundation marks a pivotal moment for the Beaufort Digital Corridor," said Jess O'Brien, Executive Director of the BDC. "Our mission is clear: to provide comprehensive support and educational opportunities that prepare individuals for success in high-demand tech fields. By launching this 501(c)(3), we address the immediate need for digital skills while laying the groundwork for long-term economic prosperity. We envision a future where every individual navigates and excels in the digital landscape. Investing in talent development not only empowers individuals but also strengthens our local economy."

This new 501(c)(3) charitable Foundation complements the BDC's 501(c)(6) Membership Organization, which empowers tech startups with talent, space, community, and capital support. While the Membership Organization supports business interests, the Foundation focuses on individual development, ensuring community members thrive in the digital age.

The Foundation's launch responds to technology's evolving impact on industries and job opportunities. Through tax-deductible donations and grants, the Foundation funds community programs such as digital skills workshops, coding boot camps, and mentorship programs for aspiring tech professionals and digital learners of all ages.

To kick off, the Beaufort Digital Corridor Foundation sets an initial fundraising goal of $10,000. Contributions will launch educational programs, mentorship, and skills development workshops bridging the technology skills gap.

"We invite the community to join us in building a more inclusive and prosperous Beaufort," added Jess O'Brien. Together, we strengthen a tech ecosystem that benefits everyone."

To donate to the Beaufort Digital Corridor Foundation, visit https://givebutter.com/bdcfoundation.

About Beaufort Digital Corridor Foundation:

Beaufort Digital Corridor Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. (EIN: 99-2686137)

The Beaufort Digital Corridor Announces Its Run Forrest Run 5K Returns for the Fourth Year

The Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC) is excited to announce that its annual fundraiser, the Run Forrest Run 5K, returns on October 5th, 2024. Captivating Forrest Gump fans and avid runners alike, this is the race's fourth year opening the famous Woods Memorial Bridge to all who, like Forrest, just feel like running. Registration is now open, and EARLY BIRD TICKETS are selling quickly.

The Run Forrest Run 5K leads runners through beautiful, historic Downtown Beaufort. The race, which begins on Bay Street, takes racers over the same iconic bridge Gump treks across in the Forrest Gump movie. This family-friendly event welcomes runners, walkers, pets, and children of all ages to participate. All attending are encouraged to don their best Forrest Gump getup and race to the finish line in hopes of claiming the Fastest Forrest Award.

The Run Forrest Run 5K serves as the BDC's grandest fundraiser. All proceeds support programs that provide accessible educational pathways and opportunities for individuals to upskill and thrive in high-wage tech jobs. Last year, the race drew in just over 500 runners from across the Lowcountry and neighboring states. The Corridor hopes to surpass those numbers this year to support its new charitable foundation. Additionally, those interested in supporting our mission further can give a tax-deductible donation to the Beaufort Digital Corridor Foundation (BDCF) which is the new 501(c)(3) arm of the BDC. The BDCF is dedicated to advancing economic growth and social equity by empowering individuals from all backgrounds to pursue careers in technology. Donate HERE to support this mission.

Runners can join the Beaufort Triple Crown Race Series (BTC) which supports three local nonprofits. The BTC, which includes the Run Forrest Run 5K, is a collection of races hosted in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity of the LowCountry and Holy Trinity Classical Christian School. The series comprises the Swing Bridge Run happening November 2nd and the Turkey Trot 5K scheduled for November 28th. Dedicated runners can sign up HERE to participate in all three races and support multiple impactful organizations.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you're interested in sponsoring the 2024 Run Forrest Run 5K, please send a completed sponsorship form to info@beaufortdigital.com.

Moments from the 2023 Run Forrest Run 5K

June Newsletter

Dear Friends of the BDC,

As we transition into summer, I am filled with pride and gratitude for the profound impact we are making in our community. At the Beaufort Digital Corridor, we believe in the power of collective growth and the idea that "a rising tide lifts all boats". This principle guides our mission to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancement throughout Beaufort.

In May, we wrapped up an extraordinary program at Whale Branch Early College High School that exemplifies this philosophy. Our pilot initiative, CybStart, aimed to empower young minds with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the tech industry. Over the course of 1 week, we worked closely with students in 3 separate IT Fundamentals classes, guiding them through the essentials of entrepreneurship and technology, impacting a total of 45 students.

CybStart is more than just an educational program; it is a launchpad for future leaders and innovators. We provided these dedicated students with hands-on training in pitching startups, conducting market validation, and developing lean canvases. Additionally, the program emphasized the importance of soft skills, pairing them with entrepreneurial know-how to ensure these young entrepreneurs are well-rounded and ready to lead.

The results were nothing short of inspiring. Students who participated in CybStart displayed remarkable creativity, resilience, and a willingness to embrace new challenges. They learned not only to create viable business models but also to communicate their ideas effectively and work collaboratively. By the end of the program, each student had developed a unique startup concept, ready to be further refined and potentially brought to market.

As we reflect on this success, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to our partners, supporters, and the broader Beaufort community. Your continued support and belief in our mission enable us to create such impactful programs and opportunities. Together, we are cultivating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that benefits everyone.

Looking ahead, we are excited to build on this momentum and expand our reach, offering more programs that empower individuals and drive community growth. We believe that by lifting each other up, we can achieve extraordinary things.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Beaufort Digital Corridor. Your support is invaluable, and together, we will continue to elevate our community, proving that indeed, a rising tide lifts all boats.


Jess O'Brien

Executive Director at Beaufort Digital Corridor

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May 2024 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the BDC,

I trust this message finds you in good spirits and eagerly anticipating some exciting updates.

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the South Big Data Innovation Hub Partnership Forum in Alexandria, VA. This event brought together leaders from the Health, Manufacturing, and Smart Cities sectors to share data on real-world problems with the goal of crowd-sourcing possible solutions via partnerships. The energy was infectious as we aimed to kickstart projects that could really make a difference.

I've compiled presentations and key findings from the Forum, accessible via the Dropbox link HERE >

It's clear that our community of tech enthusiasts may possess both the expertise and the passion needed to tackle these challenges head-on. I'd like to invite you to attend this month's TECHconnect event to collaborate, share insights, and explore opportunities to make a meaningful impact together. RSVP HERE >

Can't make it out to this event? No sweat, take a look at our upcoming events below to find one that fits your schedule. Hope to see you soon!


Jess O'Brien

Executive Director at Beaufort Digital Corridor

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Beaufort Digital Corridor: A beacon for tech innovation in a historic coastal town

In the heart of Beaufort, South Carolina, a town known for its rich history and enchanting coastal charm, there's a vibrant pulse of modern innovation beating. It's the Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC) – a tech haven that's not just about technology, but about the people and stories behind it. This hub is more than a space; it's a community where dreams and digital realms converge.

The Essence of BDC

At its core, BDC is a tech incubator, a nurturing ground for tech entrepreneurs, remote tech workers, and students. But it's the ethos of BDC that truly sets it apart. It's not just a place for work; it's a community committed to weaving technology into the rich tapestry of Beaufort's life.

Supporting Tech Dreams

One of the key offerings of BDC is the broad range of support it provides to tech entrepreneurs. From providing resources and pathways to education, BDC is all about helping tech startups and enthusiasts thrive in a competitive world. They organize events like Giving Tuesday to rally support for these ventures, ensuring that tech innovation is not just a fleeting trend but a sustainable movement in Beaufort.

Bridging Past and Future

What's remarkable about BDC is how it blends Beaufort's historical charm with futuristic vision. The corridor often opens its doors for events like Artists Sunday, showcasing local art and talent. This amalgamation of tech and art speaks volumes about Beaufort's unique character – a town that respects its past while embracing the future.

A Hub for Learning and Growth

Education and skill development are at the forefront of BDC's mission. They partner with institutions like Divergence Academy to offer courses in emerging technologies, ensuring that local professionals stay ahead of the curve. This focus on education is not just about skill-building; it's about fostering a community that's well-equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow.

The Beaufort Advantage

Being a part of BDC means more than just access to resources; it's about being a part of Beaufort's vibrant community. The town offers a lifestyle where work and play blend seamlessly. With its picturesque scenery, rich cultural heritage, culinary offerings, affordable housing and now a growing tech scene, Beaufort is rapidly becoming a sought-after destination for tech professionals seeking a beautiful, seaside, balanced life.

The Beaufort Digital Corridor is more than a tech hub; it's a testament to the town's forward-thinking spirit. It's an invitation to tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to be a part of a community that values innovation, education, and quality of life. In Beaufort, technology isn't just about the future; it's about enriching the present.

For those looking to delve into the tech world while being part of a community that feels like home, Beaufort and its Digital Corridor offer the perfect blend. It's not just about growing a business; it's about growing in a community that supports and celebrates your journey.

Visit Beaufort Digital Corridor to discover more about this unique tech community in the heart of a historic town.

Upcoming Events

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CAP Carolinas Summer Webinar Series

CAP Carolina: Unlocking Funding & Capital Resources for tech firms in South Carolina

SC TECH presents a three-part webinar series as part of CAP Carolina-2024. The webinar series provides a comprehensive overview of various financing options for tech startups and small businesses at different stages of growth in South Carolina. Topics include early-stage private financing options, state and federal funds, venture capital resources, loan information, small business resources, and many more opportunities. Each webinar will feature a diverse range of speakers representing all different parts of deal flow.

Part I: July 10th @ 9:30–11 AM

Part II: July 23rd @ 1–2:30 PM

Part III: August 15th @ 1–2:30 PM

TECHconnect Happy Hour Networking at Shellring Ale Works

TECHconnect is the Beaufort Digital Corridor's signature networking event. Get plugged in to Beaufort, SC's growing tech community by meeting local technology and business professionals. Connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and VCs over lite bites and drinks. Join us on the third Thursday of every month from 5:30–7:30 p.m. Come exchange ideas, make new connections, and expand your network. There's always someone new to meet. RSVPs appreciated.

First Friday CODEcamp

Unleash your kid's coding superpowers! At CODEcamp, a program designed for rising 6th - 8th graders, your future coder will develop new and existing coding skills.

Scheduled every First Friday from 5:30 - 7:30 PM, each session is filled with interactive activities, games, and hands-on projects tailored for middle schoolers. Students will learn programming essentials through Scratch, a fun and creative online platform used to make interactive stories, games, and animations by snapping together colorful blocks of code. Jasmine Vargas, the BDC's new STEAM program coordinator, serves as the instructor for this program.