17 Members & Growing


  • 1212 Design
    1212 Design

    1212 is an experience. We are comprised of artisans and creatives who live design and functionality. We take your business, your brand, your vision and transpose that into a viable online presence. Our projects say more about us than long speeches do.

  • ADTeIP

    ADTelP is an IT company that is known for providing business solutions to their clients in terms of systems integration, consultancy, outsourcing, application development, and networking, to name a few.

  • Alder Energy Systems
    Alder Energy Systems

    Alder Energy Systems LLC is a locally-owned business specializing in the planning, design, and installation of solar PV energy systems for homes, businesses, and utilities throughout South Carolina.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2008
  • Beaufort County IT Division
    Beaufort County IT Division

    Beaufort County government exists to serve the people of Beaufort County in a cost-effective manner, so all our citizens may enjoy and appreciate a protected quality of life, natural and developed resources in a coastal environment, a diverse heritage, and economic well-being.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1769
  • CityTrex LLC
    CityTrex LLC

    CityTrex LLC is an ecommerce platform and distribution channel for multimedia guides (iTours) and educational stories. Join us and prosper via streaming media, apps, ebooks or POD (Publish on Demand).

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2006
  • Design Doc, LLC
    Design Doc, LLC

    Working at the intersection of instructional design, training development, and online learning. Providing web content creation, consultation on eLearning topics, and eLearning product development.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • e-FLY Productions
    e-FLY Productions

    e-FLY Productions specializes in video storytelling for healthcare, research, science and technology organizations.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • e2Advisors LLC
    e2Advisors LLC

    e2Advisors helps academic and local institutions establish strong, vibrant entrepreneurial programs in their communities. We bring experience and primary content along with proven technology and processes to each engagement.

  • Greenbug, Inc.
    Greenbug, Inc.

    Greenbug manufactures natural and safe pest control solutions. We created cedar-based products and the Greenbug System that offers automatic pest control via an irrigation systems.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2010
  • Harbor Pilots, LLC
    Harbor Pilots, LLC

    Harbor Pilots helps early stage ventures achieve Market Alignment and get their venture out of the harbor and moving to their strategic destination. With our Market Alignment Process, we guide start-up teams from gran vision to market success.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • InsureSign

    InsureSign is a provider of electronic signature software across multiple industries. We are helping thousands of businesses close deals more efficiently across the US and Canada.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2011
  • MILLER Design & Marketing
    MILLER Design & Marketing

    Miller Design & Marketing provides graphic design, advertising, and creative services, plus marketing planning and support to small businesses and organizations.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • PickleJuice™

    PickleJuice™ is an award-winning web design, branding & digital marketing agency located in the heart of downtown Beaufort, SC. Infuse your CREATIVE projects with ZESTY STUFF TO RELISH™ at http://picklejuice.com

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1998
  • Show & Tell, LLC
    Show & Tell, LLC

    Show & Tell is the parent company of P. Podd Press, publishers of Lowcountry Weekly since 2000, and SeaGate Productions, a video production company founded in 1995.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • Stasmayer, Incorporated
    Stasmayer, Incorporated

    Stasmayer, Incorporated is an IT support company based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Stasmayer's Managed IT Department is the realization of our core beliefs- IT exists to give productive time back to real business people.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2003
  • Vireo Labs
    Vireo Labs

    Vireo Labs is a career focused education technology company.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Yes Love
    Yes Love

    Yes Love is start-up company focused on building a wedding marketplace.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013