30 Members & Growing


  • Alan Wood

    Alan Wood

  • Alytix Solutions

    Alytix Solutions

    This new company is developing software for small to medium-sized businesses that accesses sales and labor data from the users' POS system and presents it in visually dynamic dashboards and reports in near real-time. This allows the user to quickly see pivotal metrics that are typically buried in standardized reports and to make decisions with this valuable and clear data in hand.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2019
  • Amy Doerflinger

    Amy Doerflinger

  • Angela Rainwater

    Angela Rainwater

  • Arora Solar
    Arora Solar

    It's time to move beyond the era of clunky grids and bring the future of solar closer: simplify your job, banish outdated technology, and grow your business faster. Just like how old energy has nothing on solar, a patchwork of outdated design and sales software has nothing on Aurora. Our solar platform transforms the process of designing, selling, and delivering projects. From the first impression to project installation, with Aurora, you can provide a personalized solar customer experience that is uncomplicated. Let's deliver a new energy experience, one with the simplicity and predictability of a sunrise. You -- the solar pro -- make this possible. You power the energy switch, and you deserve better and faster tools to make it happen. It's time to switch to the future.

  • Austin Northerm

    Austin Northerm

  • Blockchain Meetup Group

    Blockchain Meetup Group

    Welcome to everyone that is interested in blockchain technology. This is an online and in-person group for anyone working with or interested in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Bolt

    Bolt was founded in early 2014, with a vision to set a new standard for ecommerce. Over the last 5 years, Bolt's product and team has grown by leaps and bounds. We've raised nearly $1B in funding, expanded and updated our tech, acquired companies to boost our product offerings, expanded internationally into Europe and Asia, and grown by more than 1000 team members and 300+ retailers.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • Coretelligent

    Coretelligent has become one of the nation's leading managed service provider of Managed and Co-Managed IT, cybersecurity and private cloud services for a simple reason: We deliver a superior experience to our clients, whether you need a complete outsourced IT solution or a trusted partner to complement your IT team. See what sets us apart from other IT managed service providers.

  • CytoSPAR

    This cell-based targeting system is highly sensitive -- providing results in less than 10 minutes -- and can be easily programmed for a diverse set of bacteria, viruses, proteins, antibodies and CTCs.

  • Design Doc, LLC
    Design Doc, LLC

    Instructional Design - Training and Professional Development - Online Learning. Providing web content creation, consultation on eLearning topics, and eLearning product development.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • Do Nation LLC
    Do Nation LLC

    A startup organization working on a proprietary app to match investors with nonprofits.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022
  • Dolfin Ventures

    Dolfin Ventures

  • Dozuki

    We allow manufacturing companies to connect their processes, their people, and their platforms to drive frontline digital transformation. Optimize your workforce with expert knowledge delivered through simple, accessible, and engaging training programs. We help you achieve frontline digital transformation with our proven and scalable Dozuki Process framework.

  • Duck Creek Technologies

    Duck Creek Technologies

  • Erin Brandt

    Erin Brandt

  • Gruvv

    If Tinder, Spotify and Instagram had a baby, Gruvv would be that app. (Incubation in process).

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022
  • INS - Integrated Network Solutions
    INS - Integrated Network Solutions

    Founded in 1990, INS - Managed I.T. Services, Network infrastructure Solutions, Data backup and Security, Point-to-Point Wireless links, Hosted Telephone Services, Telephone - System Sales and installation and finally Cabling - Voice and Data.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1990
  • Jamie Wolf

    Jamie Wolf

  • Jessica Duke

    Jessica Duke

  • Juice

    # We've searched the US to assemble the best marketers in the country. An agency is a collection of people and standards, and we've worked very hard to have the best of both. No one can guarantee results, but we can guarantee that if anyone will help you get there, it's us.

  • Kimberly Sundt
    Kimberly Sundt

    We bring together customer experience and marketing in ways that help you market your business, encourage your clients to share your stories, and strengthen your brand. For the hospitality, interior design, retail, and other lifestyle industries.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2007
  • Maron

    Legal software startup, stay tuned for details...

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2019
  • Nurnberg Photography, LLC
    Nurnberg Photography, LLC

    Commercial and advertising photography of all types. Part 107 FAA licensed drone pilot, for still and video.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1986
  • Orbtl.AI

    Active Learning (also called Human-in-the-Loop Learning) is a unique way to train AI models that leverages the speed of computers against human expertise to rapidly curate high-quality data sets for AI applications. ORBTL's menu of flexible deployment options makes it easy to run our systems on your hardware or ours! Moreover, we can design and run the AI for you --- delivering turn-key results for your business.

  • Red Barn Media Group
    Red Barn Media Group

    For over 20 years we've been providing custom websites, SEO, digital advertising, marketing and software services to members of the HVAC, Plumbing, Construction and home service trades. Our team works with each client to create tailored digital solutions to achieve goals and drive business.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • Robert Diez

    Robert Diez

  • Show & Tell, LLC
    Show & Tell, LLC

    Show & Tell is the parent company of P. Podd Press, publishers of Lowcountry Weekly since 2000, and SeaGate Productions, a video production company founded in 1995\. Show & Tell also produces and publishes the Beaufort Visitor/Relocation Guide, the Dataw Blue Book Member Guide and the Beaufort International Film Festival Guide and is now publisher of The Island News.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • SK Signs & Designs
    SK Signs & Designs

    Internet Marketing, Social Media Management, Web Design, Videography, Signs (Banners, Magnetics, Event Signage). A local digital brand marketing company with a big vision for your success.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • TEKK Repair
    TEKK Repair

    We are an IT company that provides many types of tech services and repairs no matter the location. This company was founded on the idea of changing what the typical IT guy is and providing a more hands-on experience to our clients anywhere they need support. We are locally owned servicing Hilton Head to Fripp Island and everything in between. With technology becoming more involved in our lives it's nice to have an IT guy that you can depend on no matter what.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022