Fridays @ the Corridor - Small Business Best Practices

Feb 14, 2020, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
@ BASEcamp - 500 Carteret Street

Did you remember to think of that? A force multiplier, Melissa St. Clair, owner of Paper Chaser Biz LLC, shares her expertise on Small Business Best Practices. February also happens to be National Time Management Month.

Join us for lunch as you review your own checklist. Learn more and register HERE.

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Certified Virtual Expert™ Melissa St. Clair helps solopreneurs grow their business keeping them effective and efficient by handling a variety of executive level administrative office tasks. As part of her mission, she promotes portable careers through tools and talks. Melissa has been featured on multiple media platforms and she was recently quoted in Julie Perrine's book, Become a Procedures Pro™.