BASEcamp Gallery presents: Earline Allen

Oct 22, 2021, 4:40pm - 9:00pm
@ Beaufort Digital Corridor

Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC) will be hosting artist Earline Allen during Beaufort's Fall Artwalk on October 22.

About the Artist:

"I was an Art Professor in the Marshall University School of Art and Design for 41 years, where I led the ceramics program at both the undergraduate and graduate level. I have a BA in Art Education, an MA in Art, and an MFA in Ceramics with a minor in painting. I continue to follow my artistic passion as both a potter and a painter. I participate in painting exhibitions and belong to several galleries. My ceramic work is published in 500 Teapots volume 2, The Best of Pottery, and the Contemporary Potter. My ceramic work has notably been displayed at the Kutani International Decorative Ceramics Fair, in Kumatsu, Japan. Additionally, a four page article concerning my work was published in "Ceramic Art" International Edition Spring issue in Taipei, Taiwan."

Interesting Facts about the Artist:

"I have been in love with the arts since childhood. Art was the only thing that made elementary school bearable. Dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, and of course drawing, painting, and modeling with clay were my interests; each holding equal merit, all giving me equal happiness, with endless avenues for self expression. Naturally I studied art in college. While there I studied visual art as well as classical voice. This training enabled me to perform as a solist in youth, and university opera and oratorio. Life should be happy. It is, if you find something that you love."

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