April 3, 2017

Vireo Labs Kicks Off Regional Student Feedback Tour For Mobile App, C’reer

Beaufort High SchoolBeaufort High School
Ian Leslie Presents to Beaufort High School StudentsIan Leslie Presents to Beaufort High School Students

Career-focused education technology company Vireo Labs today announced a regional student feedback tour starting in the southeastern United States. The company kicked off its "C'reer Day" initiative at Beaufort High School. "C'reer Day" is an ongoing regional listening tour designed to collect feedback from high school students on the company's free career and college matchmaking app named C'reer.

C'reer is available now in the App Store for iOS devices or in Google Play for Android devices. For more information visit www.creer.us.

"The C'reer leadership and development team was thrilled to meet with students face-to-face and exchange ideas about how they will actually use our product," said Vireo Labs co-founder and chief marketing officer, Ian Leslie. "As a lean start-up, we've been heads-down the last 18 months developing and testing the product. Now that it's live, there's no substitute for watching students use the product right in front of us. We get their unvarnished reactions and suggestions in real time. It's the best kind of feedback and helps us improve the user experience."

The C'reer mobile app allows students to complete a 5-minute vocational assessment, receive career recommendations that match their preferences, and connect to the best colleges aligned with their career choices via chat.

Leslie continued, "Each year 50 million Americans research college through the question: '**What do I want to be when I grow up?' **Most will use a mobile device for this research. By going on site with the students, we get to test our design assumptions. One is that today's high school students like taking this sort of personality and career assessment on their phones rather than on one of the desktop options used by some high schools around the country." He added, "We also confirmed that students like that C'reer lets them share their profile and career results with parents on what is sure to be an important conversation."

Wally Holt, Vireo Labs chief technology officer, listened not only for feedback on the current product, but also for features that might go into future builds of the product. "While our major design decisions were validated, we also heard suggestions for data sets the students think will make the product more useful to them," Holt said. "This is only the first of a series of student dialogues we plan to have in South Carolina and across the southeast over the next two months.

Karen Gilbert, the director of career and technology education for the Beaufort County School District, hosted the first "C'reer Day".

Gilbert said, "The game design students at Beaufort High School were excited to try out C'reer and gave it a thumbs up. They determined the app was easy to download and they were able to see the results of their career interests within a matter of minutes. Part of my role is to help young people make the transition from school to career and make sure they're college ready. C'reer will definitely be a tool that we'll explore further."

The company has also completed a "C'reer Day" at Ponchatoula High School in Ponchatoula, La. and expects to be on the road and doing virtual meetings with schools through May.

For more information on how schools can host a "C'reer Day" email info@creer.us or simply pick a date and time here.

The mobile app has reached more than 1,100 downloads in 20 states through word-of-mouth since launching in late January.