October 4, 2017

Know a Kid Who’s Really Into Video Games? This Beaufort Program Can Train Them For a Job.

A Beaufort initiative to sell young students on computer science has just the hook –- video games.

Middle school and high school students interested in game design and development can enroll in a six-week course taught by Seth Konoza, a game design and animation teacher at Beaufort High School.

The classes will be offered at the Beaufort Digital Corridor's office on Carteret Street on Saturdays from Oct. 14 until Nov. 18. Among the topics will be game strategy, maze and puzzle design and a final project.

The program, called "Game On," is the Digital Corridor's first education offering. The partnership between the city and founders of the Charleston Digital Corridor aims to grow high-paying jobs and a tech-savvy workforce.

"With the growth of technology jobs including software, cybersecurity and cloud computing, getting our kids interested in a career in computer science at an early age is very important," director Ernest Andrade said in a statement.

The course costs $79, and some need-based scholarships are available. More information is available at www.beaufortdigital.com.