October 12, 2017

Game Design Classes Expanding In Beaufort

Holly Bounds  /  WSAV -TV

A Beaufort High school teacher, who teaches game design and animation, will soon share his knowledge for any area students through a new series offered at the Beaufort Digital Corridor.

Seth Konoza, who's taught game design at BHS for five years now, will lead the course on Saturdays from 9am-12pm from October 14th to November 18th. It's available for any students with interest. Information on how to sign up can be found here.

Konoza's Beaufort High students found him to be a teacher who truly speaks their language.

"How many of you have ever played Five Nights at Freddy's?" he asked, followed by a show of hands.

The game-design teacher once walked the same halls as a teen, then came back five years ago, launching the class. He said it combines skills from various subjects. "You need to be good at math, you need to be good at physics, you need to understand how to physically write code and you also need have an imagination," Konoza said.

Konoza teaches one of only two classes like it in the district. He thinks it's crucial the kids get the foundation of the concepts now, to prepare for future opportunities in the field that are only going to grow with time. "Game designers can start pay at $60,000 a year and as they progress they can go into the hundreds," he said.