October 23, 2017

Beaufort Digital Corridor Launches Two Community Events

Coworking @ the Corridor and TECHconnect

The Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC), a public-private partnership launched in 2016 to nurture Beaufort's knowledge economy, is pleased to announce the start of two community events at BASEcamp:

Both Coworking @ the Corridor and TECHconnect leverage the high-quality professional work space dedicated in January 2017. BASEcamp's design and accompanying 100mb internet connectivity is second to none in Beaufort.

Community, the most important pillar of the BDC, is the relationship between the Beaufort Digital Corridor and the companies. This mutually beneficial relationship and engagement stimulates timely discussions, supports continuous learning, and leads to the development of key initiatives and services. Through this relationship, the BDC will become the relevant, market-driven organization that was envisioned.

"Recognizing that working, knowledge-based professionals in the community are well positioned to offer their guidance and advice regarding improving the business climate in Beaufort, we want to hear from them," said Beaufort Digital Corridor Director, Ernest Andrade.