September 19, 2018

Beaufort Digital Corridor Presents Season Two of Game On!

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Registration Open for Game Design and Development Class

The Beaufort Digital Corridor is pleased to welcome season two of Game On! – game design and development geared toward middle and high school students. Registration is now open for this limited seating opportunity.

Seth Konoza, an Animation, Game Design and Computer Science educator at Beaufort High School, teaches the code education program where students are introduced to the theory, tools, and practice required to create their own games.

The course will be held at the Beaufort Digital Corridor's BASEcamp facility on Saturdays from 9am-12pm from October 13 to November 17, 2018. Among the topics will be game strategy, puzzle design and a final project.

Originally an initiative to sell young students on computer science by using video games, it is more than that. "Kids love to play games, so why not give them an opportunity to create their own. Game On! provides students with the tools they need to create their own games, as well as help students develop everyday life skills, such as problem-solving and analytical skills," adds Seth Konoza. Putting the pieces together, kids can then continue their education with the excellent computer science offerings at colleges like USCB with a career path in technology.

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