April 17, 2019

Member Highlight: SNS Technologies

SNS Technologies

More than just your IT Department

Beaufort Digital Corridor *Member Highlight* today features: SNS Technologies.

SNS Technologies specializes in services for complete Office Network Infrastructure to small business or personal computing support. More than just your IT Department.

Trending right now: network, server, individual security to protect your data and your client data. With all the ransomeware issues, bank account online hacking, identity theft and everything that comes from a connected society and workplace everyone needs to be smart- and be protected.

  • Updated Network Firewall for you network at the office and at home ("My wife pays bills online and enters a lot of personal info while on the internet at the house, so why wouldn't you protect your home network?")
  • Current antivirus software
  • Monitoring software to let you know when issues happen or intrusions are deflected and caught
  • Application that will run monthly network scans and logs all errors and issues
  • Change your passwords every 6 months to 1 year (don't have the same password for every account)

This is really what everyone just needs to do once to setup proper monitoring and you will sleep better at night.