June 12, 2019

Member Highlight: Katja Burnett Design

Katja Burnett Design

multimedia designer

Beaufort Digital Corridor *Member Highlight* today features: Katja Burnett Design

Katja is a multimedia designer with experience in designing marketing collateral, large-format graphics, signage, branding, 3D modeling, illustration, animation, vehicle graphics, and interactive application development. She has been in the design industry since 2002 working on a wide range of projects for entities such as Printology Signs & Graphics, Putsch & Co., Design Illuminations, North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, and Richter Studios.

She was part of a small start-up multimedia company in Slovenia developing promotional interactive solutions for cultural institutions and museums, creating the first ever interactive 3D replica of an exhibit, an interactive online gallery, a mobile phone museum tour, an interactive educational quiz, animated 3D visualizations, social media marketing campaign development and more.

Katja is currently working on attracting mid to large companies that need design services for their marketing campaigns and projects.