February 11, 2020

New Membership Level: Sole Proprietor

BDC Membership

For tech workers not associated with a company

The Beaufort Digital Corridor now has a Sole Proprietor-level membership for those working in tech and not associated with a company. People who move to Beaufort do so because of its livability, bringing their work with them- work-life balance is key for them. That's why we see so many sole proprietors, remote workers, and consultants- they enjoy the freedom of their profession and rely on their own business and time management.

If you are a sole proprietor, consultant, or remote worker in a tech-related field, we invite you to connect with us and enjoy some of the benefits, at the very least plugging in to a relevant, forward-thinking community at a level that makes sense.

Solo workers can benefit from the tech ecosystem the Digital Corridor offers. This could include generating work locally or growing your venture. Even keeping things small, simple and sustainable as a one-person operation can benefit from idea exchange.

Member tech companies may benefit from services that sole proprietors offer as well as the potential for collaboration with particular expertise. And finally, both benefit from like-minded focus, professionalism, and the sharing of best practices while enjoying the living in this incredible place.

Click HERE to join.