January 4, 2022

Leadership Profile: Jess O'Brien

Ellen Linnemann  /  LocalBiz Magazine

A Passion For Helping Startups and Watching Legacies Be Built

With a background in marketing, Jess O'Brien has worked with companies of all sizes – from SMBs to national franchises. But it was her experience of being part of the Atlanta Tech Village, a co-working village, while working at a small boutique marketing agency that perhaps had one of the biggest impacts on her career path. In fact, not only did that early experience within the technology incubator complex in Atlanta stay with her long after she relocated to the Lowcountry, but is now helping her play an instrumental role in growing this type of ecosystem here in Beaufort.

In May, O'Brien was named the Executive Director of the Beaufort Digital Corridor, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit tech incubator primarily servicing start-up entrepreneurs working on unique tech products, SaaS, IOT and select group of tech service providers and venture capitalists. At the BDC, she's responsible for all day-to-day operations required to keep the non-profit running and thriving. And with her passion for both helping technology startups and creating high-paying jobs that attract young professionals to the Beaufort region, O'Brien, 32, is also part of the demographic group that the BDC seeks to attract and nurture here in Beaufort – giving her a keen eye for what it takes to bring tech talent to the region, and help them continue to grow.

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