August 1, 2022

Evening Cybersecurity Courses for Beginners Coming to the BDC in Fall

Samantha Bell

Class Starts August 31st

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Take a look around you. Your immediate vicinity might be perfectly safe and still – but what about the multitude of devices and digital information that surrounds us in our increasingly-connected lives? Although it may not be initially apparent, our economy, leisure, and national security all depend on the reliability and privacy of the technological systems they're built upon. These complex technical networks seemingly underscore our every action, from ordering food to paying bills – and new, constantly-evolving threats to their integrity are presenting themselves on a daily basis. Those working in cybersecurity are our first line of defense against devastating attacks such as malware, ransomware, and data breaches. Are you willing to join their ranks?

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There's an art and a science to protecting machines and those who use them, and the Beaufort Digital Corridor is presenting a new series of three 8-week mini courses that will make it simple to learn. Designed especially for novices and newcomers to the topic of cybersecurity – including current or graduating students, business owners, transitioning military members, or anyone looking for a promising new career path –- this trio of courses will gradually but concisely introduce the fundamentals of cybersecurity and everything one needs to make an entry into the field, no matter what their background. Taught by Technical College of the Lowcountry professor and Cybersecurity Program Director Angela Fantom Kern, CISSP, CISA, M. Ed, MBA, the three interconnected courses will culminate in an entry-level Security Risk Analysis (SRA) Certificate – which itself can open doors to salaries starting at $65K on average!

Cyber Security Course List for Beginners

The three parts of the series are broken down into key areas of most importance in cybersecurity: the course list starts with a broad overview of issues and concepts in Cybersecurity for Beginners, including malicious activity, cryptography, and access control, and the follow-up courses cover Security Policy & Procedures for Small Business Owners, through to Risk Analysis & Management, including the creation of your very own professional risk management plan.

In the interest of accessibility and efficiency, classes only require a time investment of 90 minutes a week, for 8 weeks per course. That's 6 hours a month to a brand-new world of opportunities. And the best part? No homework will be assigned! If you ever find yourself wondering how hackers across the world can access confidential information, how sensitive business and governmental data is fortified from prying eyes and enemy forces, or how codes can be used to secure devices and their contents, then this beginner's cybersecurity course offered locally in Beaufort, SC will be a pragmatic career move – and a lot of fun for you, too. Multiple scholarships will be made available on a needs-first basis, so sign up now if you can potentially see yourself in the flourishing cybersecurity industry.

The next big phase of your life is starting August 31st. Are you ready to begin? Register today.