February 14, 2023

Charleston Digital Corridor Seeks New Managing Director to Expand Leadership Team

Charleston Digital Corridor  /  Charleston Digital Corridor

Since 2001, the Charleston Digital Corridor (CDC) has been the leading force in transforming Charleston into a center for high-wage technology businesses and supporting the business community as it's needs have evolved. Now at the start of 2023, the tremendous success of the previous 20 years and the clear growth opportunities ahead, the CDC is expanding its leadership with the addition of the newly created role of Managing Director.

From the humble beginning of the CDC twenty years ago, Ernest Andrade has been the leader responsible for vision and development, as well as operations of the organization. With the tremendous growth of the Charleston Tech community, and the opportunities ahead for Charleston to become an even greater presence as a national and global technology center, the CDC is expanding its Leadership team to better serve the continually growing local market's needs. The new Managing Director will be responsible handling the day-to-day operations of the CDC, managing the Flagship tech incubator at the Charleston Tech Center, coordinating community and education events, directing staff, supporting the needs of member companies and being the resource for tech companies considering relocation and/or expansion to Charleston.

Ernest Andrade will remain as Executive Director but, with the MD overseeing day-to-day operations, Andrade will be able to focus on the CDCs ambitious future goals featuring strategic direction, key public/private relationships and larger-scale fundraising.

"It can be difficult to let go of some responsibilities when you've lived and breathed them for over 20 years," said CDC Director, Ernest Andrade. "But it is clear at this point that the CDC and the tech community can only benefit through the expansion of our leadership team. I look forward to identifying and working with the new MD to elevate our success and increase the CDC's influence for the continuing growth of tech business in our state."

Potential candidates can find the job posting for this new role here and on LinkedIn and can apply via email to jobs@charlestondigital.com.