May 1, 2023

Beaufort Digital Corridor Welcomes Three New Board Members

Beaufort, SC, May 1, 2023 – The Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC) is pleased to announce the appointment of three accomplished professionals to its board of directors. Joining the BDC board are Jason Loia, Jeannine McConnell, and Chris Robinson. Their expertise and dedication to the tech industry will greatly contribute to the BDC's mission of fostering innovation and driving economic growth in Beaufort.

Jason Loia brings extensive experience in entrepreneurship and technology to the BDC board. With over 20 years of game production and publishing experience, Loia has served in various C-Level roles in Silicon Valley startups. His role on the BDC Board of Directors includes advising startups on growth and monetization, as well as providing executive coaching for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Loia's visionary leadership and strategic thinking will undoubtedly prove invaluable to the BDC as it continues to support Beaufort's digital economy.

Jeannine McConnell has a four-decade tech career, spanning from software development patents to strategic global leadership roles. McConnell's most recent responsibilities included leading a global team of technologists and strategic partners at ServiceNow. With expertise in technology innovation, consultative leadership, and cultural change, McConnell is uniquely qualified to support the organization in navigating future challenges. She is a contributing leader to the BRM Institute™, holds certifications from PMI™ and IIBA™, and is a certified OKR Coach and an ECHO Listening™ coach.

Chris Robinson, a visual artist and Emeritus Professor at the University of South Carolina, brings a wealth of knowledge in the role of science and technology in contemporary culture. Robinson's research has explored the use of computers and 3D imaging in the arts, as well as the impact of nanotechnology. His cross-disciplinary initiatives and experience in arts and sciences make him a valuable addition to the board.

"We are delighted to welcome Jason Loia, Jeannine McConnell, and Chris Robinson to the Beaufort Digital Corridor's board of directors," said Jess O'Brien, Executive Director of Beaufort Digital Corridor. "Their exceptional backgrounds and commitment to entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation align perfectly with our mission. We are confident that their expertise will help us continue our journey towards transforming Beaufort into a hub for tech entrepreneurship."

The addition of these three accomplished professionals to the BDC board of directors further strengthens the organization's ability to drive innovation and foster economic growth in Beaufort. Their unique perspectives and industry insights will undoubtedly contribute to the strategic initiatives and programs aimed at promoting the success of digital technology ventures in the region.

About the Beaufort Digital Corridor:

The Beaufort Digital Corridor is a community-driven initiative to attract, nurture, and promote Beaufort's knowledge economy. Focusing on technology and entrepreneurship, the BDC provides a platform for digital technology startups and established companies to thrive, collaborate, and innovate. By offering infrastructure, mentorship, and educational opportunities, the BDC supports the growth of the local tech ecosystem and positions Beaufort as a premier destination for tech-driven businesses.

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