October 12, 2023

The Beaufort Digital Corridor's Executive Director Wins at 2023 Civitas Awards

Angela Coxe

Jess O'Brien Honored for Her Dedication to Creating a Thriving Tech Community in Beaufort, SC

In Beaufort, South Carolina, there's a rising star inspiring the community. Jess O'Brien, executive director of the Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC), recently received the Buzzworthy Award at the 2023 Civitas Award Reception. Presented by the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Buzzworthy Award honors outstanding young professionals in our community. Jess has solidified her status as a remarkable figure in the region through her exceptional professional capabilities, leadership qualities, and unwavering commitment to serving.

On October 12th, 2023, a night reserved for recognizing the community's best and brightest, Jess faced two worthy finalists for the Buzzworthy Award. The impressive contenders were Monique Dawson, the Chief Executive Officer at Dawson and Dawson Home Care, LLC, and Allison Kindwall, a commercial insurance agent for Kinghorn Insurance Agency of Beaufort, LLC. Despite the strong competition, Jess, a first-time finalist, secured a well-deserved win.

Jess's achievements are nothing short of inspiring. During her 5-year tenure at the BDC, she has invested much of her time and strength into transforming the tech incubator into what it is today. The BDC has become a vibrant hub of innovation, growth, and diversity thanks to her efforts. One of her notable initiatives, the Beaufort Women in Tech Meetup, has grown exponentially, with 90 members joining since its inception. This initiative is a testament to Jess's commitment to providing representation and support for women in the tech industry. In her own words, "Our aim is to eliminate traditional roadblocks hindering women from pursuing tech careers by offering flexible programs, whole-person mentorship, and a supportive network, enabling them not just to survive but to thrive in this field."

Jess O'Brien truly exemplifies the spirit of the Buzzworthy Award. Her win serves as a shining example that with passion, determination, and dedication, we can transform our communities. We celebrate her accomplishment knowing she has created a brighter future for Beaufort, South Carolina.

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