November 21, 2023

Beaufort Digital Corridor Member Shane Suda Releases Revolutionary App for Music Lovers

Jess O'Brien & Angela Coxe

The Love Child of Social Media and the Music Industry is Born

Music has the power to bring people together. Our music selections are often informed by those around us and have provided a backdrop to many of our fondest memories. So is there a way to harness technology to make listening to music a more interconnected experience? Nobody has given this more thought than Shane Suda, Beaufort native and founder of your next favorite app, Gruvv.

A 2020 USC-Beaufort graduate, Suda recognized a gap in the market for a social networking service centered around sharing and discovering songs and artists (without AI algorithms playing DJ). Combining this need with the tried-and-true swiping mechanic of an app like Tinder along with the social sharing feature of Instagram, the idea for Gruvv was born. Suda worked around the clock on his passion project in hopes of revolutionizing the way we share and discover music.

Shane Suda, the man behind the innovative app, proudly grew up and attended school in Beaufort. A travel aficionado, he majored in Hospitality Management, which suits someone so outgoing and welcoming. Hospitality may not seem to have much in common with app development, but Suda can facilitate novel experiences that maximize enjoyment and convenience. Not so different after all.

The way Gruvv works is simple, and the idea came to Suda one day in 2020 while he was watching business development YouTube videos. In the discovery section of the Gruvv, the app presents users with a random profile comprised of 9 top songs that encompass one's current music tastes. Then, users swipe left to skip or right to follow that person's musical journey. A main feed aggregates song updates like an ever-evolving group playlist curated by friends (and some new faces too).

Suda pointed out that none of the current top social networks have an effortless way to post and disseminate song media. Screenshots do not suffice, and Reels and TikToks are more focused on what's trending and the accompanying visuals.

In tandem with Suda, Jason Loia of LowCountry Games and Andrew Branning of Branning Design developed the app. The Beaufort Digital Corridor (BDC) is proud to have connected Suda with the team he needed to bring Gruvv to market. The BDC also hosted the first public pitch deck presentation for Gruvv making this connection possible.

Suda has launched his iOS app and is ready to turn the world into Gruvvers. Gruvv is a free app interlinked with Apple Music to provide song previews, so it is available for anyone to enjoy. Grab your AirPods and get ready to Gruvv.