May 15, 2019

Member Highlight: MINDFLINT


digital marketing virtual agency

Beaufort Digital Corridor *Member Highlight* today features: MINDFLINT

Mindflint, a BASEcamp resident company since last September, is a full-service marketing and creative firm with team members and clients around the country. MINDFLINT's "virtual agency" model is designed to keep overhead low, which allows them to offer the comprehensive solutions of a big marketing agency, but at a much lower cost.

Nate Schaub, MINDFLINT's founder, says, "Everyone needs great marketing, but most organizations are forced to choose between either cobbling together a bunch of freelancers – and then trying to make it all fit together – or hiring a big, expensive agency. We started MINDFLINT to bridge that gap."

To hear more about the company, stop by Station 9 at BASEcamp, or feel free to contact Nate anytime. #strategy #branding #social #content #digitalmarketing #webdesign #appdev #UX #ecommerce #print #email #video