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Single Office
Single Office

BASEcamp is Beaufort's premier business incubator and co-working office designed to meet the transitional professional office space needs of tech and tech-related entrepreneurs seeking adaptable, affordable office and conference facilities of the highest quality, while gaining access to the Beaufort Digital Corridor's network of entrepreneurs and professionals. 

BASEcamp also supports Beaufort's local visual arts community through the "BASEcamp Gallery."

BASEcamp is accepting reservations for one to four person private offices. Interested? Contact us.

Alternatively, drop-in and grab a coworking desk for $25/day or $100/week. Or ask us about monthly part-time or full-time coworking rates.

Coworking @ the Corridor, happening each Friday. Check our calendar for details.

Why lease at BASEcamp?

BASEcamp is the only facility in Beaufort focused on serving the transitional needs of tech and tech related businesses. It is flexible, full service and connected.

What types of companies do you expect to reside at BASEcamp?

Our focus is on tech and tech-related companies. This may include a range of businesses including but not limited to software and web development, cyber security, database management, digital media, advertising, electronic communication and technology products.

Why are there only month-to-month leases available at the BASEcamp?

Rather then get trapped in a long term lease, BASEcamp provides complete flexibility for early-stage companies by offering residents only month-to-month leases with a maximum stay of twelve months. Few - if any - other local professional office space solutions provide this level of flexibility for emerging companies.

How does the month-to-month lease work?

BASEcamp requires a one-month deposit and rental terms are defined on a month-to-month basis, with rent payable by the 3rd day of each month.

Is parking available at BASEcamp?

Yes. BASEcamp offers on-site parking for a $25 monthly parking fee. Additionally, company guests have several parking options including on-site parking and on-street, metered parking within close proximity to BASEcamp.

Are the office spaces fully furnished?

Yes! All offices are fully furnished with desks, chairs, white boards, and other workspace necessities.

Are there any co-working options at BASEcamp?

Yes, drop-in daily, weekly, and monthly part-time or full-time co-working desks are available on a first come first served basis. 

A dedicated coworking desk is $300 per month.

What is the size and pricing of an office at BASEcamp?

The offices at BASEcamp are designed to accommodate one to four persons with prices ranging from $300 to $800 per month.

Are there any rules about who can or cannot rent space at BASEcamp?

BASEcamp does not discriminate on the basis of race or color, creed, national origin, age, gender, physical limitations, or sexual orientation. We do, however, reserve the right to accept or deny prospective clients on any other, legally allowable, basis.

Can companies request additional space or services as they grow?

Yes. Depending on a company's current needs and space availability, the BDC will work to identify and facilitate options that are the best fit for your company. Sometimes this means working within BDC's network of local real estate professionals to find suitable office space.

Are there restaurants/services/shops nearby?

BASEcamp is strategically located in Downtown Beaufort just a few blocks from Bay Street close to a number of local coffee shops and restaurants. Heck there is even a chocolate store across the street.

Can non-BASEcamp residents rent event/training/meeting space?

While companies residing at the BASEcamp are our first priority, our conference facilities are available to other groups for a fee. If you are interested in hosting a meeting or special event at the BASEcamp, please send us an email.

This all sounds great! When can we move in?

NOW!  We move extremely quickly (same day) to get you up and running and on your way to building a great business. No committees or long drawn out process. Please call us at 843.470.3506 or send us an email for more information/reserve an office.